Iron Sleet (un)Invitational 1 – Mock-up

Invit Mock

Hello readers,

Here is a quick mock-up for my potential entries for the Iron Sleet Invitational, playing with the idea combat clones/cultists for a dark mechanicus warband.

guest 1

It is still a very early stage mini. It must be 40kised. Cables, mounted shoulder gun, more armor and strange equipment should be added.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

The skinny clone went to the barber to shave its back as suggested on the Ammobunker INQ28 forum. It should also receive cables and combat drug dispensers.

11 thoughts on “Iron Sleet (un)Invitational 1 – Mock-up

      1. It is not the blades, I think. They are curved and elegant, really “slaaneshi”, in my opinion. Maybe it is the spikes on the vambraces and the armour, and the feral expression of the skull, that make him look a little bit more like a servant of the blood god. Nothing impossible to attenuate with your skills, however.


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