After all it´s all about me, no?

So what´s the Journey of a Living Ancestor about? Well I hope it´s about creativity.

A little about me, I´m a French expatriate living in Shanghai. I left France in 2005 and lived in different countries. When I left my country I also left the hobby. I stumbled accros a Games Workshop store in Shanghai. When I entered, the guys were friendly. I bought some green stuff in order to start sculpting. For nearly 8 years I did not follow the hobby. I sold or gave away most of my collection. I missed the rise of the hobby blogs or even the concept of oldhammer. Ironically, when I sold my collection online my codename was old_school. I went back to the shop to buy a box of dwarves to convert them into squats. When I explained my plan to the guys at the store, they asked me : “squat what?”. The hobby here is marginal but the community seems nice. I´m not a player. I´m a hobbyist. I don´t really follow the rules. I never read a 40K novel (yet). For me, it´s all about minis.

The reason why I returned to the hobby was mostly because of the internet community. I hang out on the bolter and chainsword and Dakka. On Dakka, I discovered a photo of Migsula´s antique desk and it looked exactly like mine. Furthermore I realized that he was sharing the same “Inspirator” (Maestro Blanche) but he was also displaying a very inspiring philosophie : do it your artistic way, challenge yourself, create. Migs lead me to Inq28 and the dedicated section of the specialist games Ammobunker. There I discovered a great community of misfits sharing the same ideas and approach : PDH, Neil101 (especially their Lost and Damned creations), Jeff Vader, Bruticus, Nordic, Krautscientist and so many great hobbyists that you must visit this site!!! Inq28 seems like my way of perceiving the hobby : small war bands with personality.

On these 3 sites you´ll find a very supportive and dynamic community.

So whenever you´re a player or a hobbyist : get inspired, stand out of the shadows, create something different.

That´s what I´ll try to do here.


5 thoughts on “After all it´s all about me, no?

    1. Thanks Stefan. Your drive and creativity are very inspiring. I was traveling and didn’t really have the time to finish them. Mostly I think I’m scared of ruining the paint job since I haven’t paint anything in nearly a decade.
      Time is running out and I haven’t even started (apart from collecting bits) to work on my Invitational.
      PDH said on Legatho’s blog in an interview “it’s a shame some of them don’t run to completion (it is called painting and modelling not just modelling)”. Very true. It really resonates with me.
      I will try to finish one of them as my 25 mm for the challenge. I just have to decide… which one? Any favourite cultist you can suggest?


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