Of Wolf and Man


Sometimes you just have to scratch the itch. I have GWADHD. When I start to combine different kits together they often triggers new ideas. It´s nickname is Migsula 🙂

I´m French and nostalgic of the Rackham game “Confrontation” and its Wolfen. I´m currently writing an article about the potential of the Stormfiends kit. A wolf head and a tail and you can create a Xenos. I´ll had a backpack with ammo-feeder… And that´s how you get sidetracked from your current Invitational project.


Homo homini lupus

I haven´t decided what will be the background of that ¨mini¨. I might even change the head.I use this one because it has the cyber implant.

My wolfen might be the first of a small group or a solitaire. He could be a retinue for a Xenos Inquisitor, a head hunter, a scout, a pirate, a mutant, a follower of Khorne or a mercenary. I will accessorize him accordingly to my final choice.

Thank you for reading!!  Comments and ideas are welcome !!

11 thoughts on “Of Wolf and Man

  1. That looks awesome, Darth. The scale is perfect, and I think the four-toed feet are great for a wolf. So, so cool. It could use some work to distance it from the source, but besides that I think it’s just about ready to roll. I don’t think you should change the head, personally. The bionic eye really helps to instantly 40k it.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. The different skaven parts and signs will be modified of course. The bionic eyes is kind of cool. If I change the head I´ll make another one. If I keep the head he deserves some descent wolf ears (larger than these ones).


  2. Very impressive! I’ve been looking for a way of capturing the look of the Space Wolf Wulfen for some time and I think you’ve just nailed it. As you say it also has a lot of the feel of the Wolfen from Confrontation about it (which can only be a good thing in my mind). The Skaven parts combine well with the Imperial tech – my only major changes would be to shave off the Skaven sigils and add some kind of backpack (both of which I now notice you’re already planning!). I know you suggest changing the head but I’d be inclined to keep that one, the cyber implants help keep the model firmly in the 40k, rather than Warhammer, universe. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment. I think if I change the head it will definitely receive a new implant. I was going xeno on this one. An exotic civilized bodyguard for a rogue trader to be precise. It would be a pretty big bad space wolf no? I think if I do a Wulfen it would be maybe smaller and more feral or barbaric. I actually quite like the idea of warped Space Wolves (warped by Tzeentch ?). I actually know very little about wulfen. Do they still have some kind of intelligence or are just pure frenetics? They are still loyalist or chaotic? Since the kit had 3 models. I have to decide with the last one since the second one will be a Nurgle(ist). Maybe a wulfen, or a Khorny or another lizard xeno type.


      1. Well I’m a long way from being an expert on the Wulfen but I always preferred the idea of Space Wolves as werewolves rather than Vikings. Essentially it’s a flaw in the space wolves geneseed leads to many aspirants turning into wolf-like beasts (or just dying) during the final stages of their initiation. Those who do not become beasts must endure a shamanic trial in order to take control of the beast within. Those who survive join the chapter but some can still turn into Wulfen during times of extreme stress or danger. Once in wolf form they are fairly bestial but – I think – not necessarily completely out of control (depending on the willpower of the individual). I think the wolf-priests also help to control the wulfen.
        I don’t know how much official fiction there is on traitor Space-Wolves but I would imagine that space wolves who fall to the worship of Chaos would be more inclined to give in and allow the Wulfen part of themselves free reign (or be forced to by their masters). A Khorne worshipping wulfen would make for a fantastic miniature in my opinion.
        Really enjoyed the article trying out different heads on these models by the way. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with 🙂


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