Off with their heads

Inspired by Jeff Vader and Krautscientist´s reciprocal articles on the scions (and more scions) and the latest skavens,  I decided also to do an article about my favorite kit of the moment : the Skaven Stormfiends.

I spent quite some time without being able to physically sit down at my work table and this gave me the opportunity to decide what I wanted to do with my blog. 

I left the hobby before the explosion of the blogosphere. I find it great that people share their tips, technics, interests, point of views, and motivations.

In my personal case, I have a pretty serious ADHD hobby syndrome. I started the hobby last century (do I qualify as an “oldhammerer” ?) and was introduced to it by my older brother who taught me (maybe wrongly) that “the models from the box should only be the base for your future models”. A great legacy but also a curse. I can´t help but to convert a model or more precisely kitbash it as the youngster call it these days.

Living in China is a curse for my wallet : There is no bits store ! Shipping from the rest of the world takes about a month and the distribution of your parcel is … quite aleatory. Of course, this is based on the assumption that your parcel will be cleared by the customs. 

During my convalescence, after filling several notebooks of ideas, I realized that I have more ideas than I have time and that GW is offering more parts than I can offer here in China. So since I have to buy a box for a bit (don´t get me wrong, nobody is putting a gun on my head to do so) I thought I would save you time, dear reader, and present you some heads that would make the Stormfiends look interesting or not.

I like to take the Fantasy model and drag them into the futuristic 40k universe. 

I´m French and I was (and still am) a big fan of the Confrontation games and models by the Rackham company. I bought the Stormfiend kit with the idea of creating a futuristic Wolfen. Here is the result when you combine it with a wolf head

wolfen new head

Use of the head (Fenrisian wolf)

For the purpose of the exercise, I´ll keep the same body (ignore the wolf tail) to give a sense of the proportion and a close up of the head on the side.

Vargeist head

vampire new head

vampire new head cu

Might be a good base for a mutant or a xeno but the other heads for the Crypt Ghouls from the same kit are spot on!

ghoul new head ghoul new head cu

The obvious choice for Grosteques as Jeff Vader demonstrated here. I just used the other helmets.

 de new head_  de new head 1

de new head 2

Another of Jeff´s ideas

 co new headco new head cu 1

I really like this one. It´s a very interesting Xeno with the long neck. But as you can notice on that photo, the neck needs a little bit of filling and work. The head comes with the bits and reins that would have to be taken off. The reins could be repurposed as a necklace for example. The neck can be shortened too but the long neck distances it from the original kit. Of course the hair has to be shaved.


The savage Orc head fits really well the Stormfiends body.

 orc new head orc new head cu

How does an Ork head fit so ?

ork new head ork new head cu

A squig´s head

sq new head sq new head cu sq new head cu 1

Parts of bits and reins too but the model has some cartoony features.

Ogryn´s heads

ogryn new headogryn new head cu

ogryn new head 2 ogryn new head 2 cu

They do work quite well for a big muscular character. The gas mask especially.

Morghast Harbringers

mv new head

Pink horror head

horror new head cu horror new head cu 2

Would need a lot of work but could work.

Chaos spawn heads

 spawn new head 3 cu spawn new head 2 cuspawn new head cu

They need some work on the neck

spawn new head

An ogre dragon head

cho new head

The neck also needs some work



chinese new year

The Chinese New Year started on a quite originally for me.

I spent the last two weeks in bed suffering a back pain. I discovered the techno music played by an MRI machine and that an xray in the “frog position” (ironic for a French) apparently could reveal that my hips are not in great shape.  So I appologize for not posting more progress.

More MRI concerto is scheduled but I can actually seat now.

Spending weeks in bed gave me the opportunity to put on paper some ideas, to think of tons and tons of ideas for conversions, to look for bits, to modify slightly my blog, decide what I wanted to do with it (articles to come), updated my Pinterest but resulted in postponing my (un)Invitational.

I guess it´s ok since I was not invited to begin with.

Happy New Year of the Goat to you dear reader(s?)

We´ll see if the Living Ancestor needs the assistance of the some servo-motors in the end or not.

After all it´s all about me, no?

So what´s the Journey of a Living Ancestor about? Well I hope it´s about creativity.

A little about me, I´m a French expatriate living in Shanghai. I left France in 2005 and lived in different countries. When I left my country I also left the hobby. I stumbled accros a Games Workshop store in Shanghai. When I entered, the guys were friendly. I bought some green stuff in order to start sculpting. For nearly 8 years I did not follow the hobby. I sold or gave away most of my collection. I missed the rise of the hobby blogs or even the concept of oldhammer. Ironically, when I sold my collection online my codename was old_school. I went back to the shop to buy a box of dwarves to convert them into squats. When I explained my plan to the guys at the store, they asked me : “squat what?”. The hobby here is marginal but the community seems nice. I´m not a player. I´m a hobbyist. I don´t really follow the rules. I never read a 40K novel (yet). For me, it´s all about minis.

The reason why I returned to the hobby was mostly because of the internet community. I hang out on the bolter and chainsword and Dakka. On Dakka, I discovered a photo of Migsula´s antique desk and it looked exactly like mine. Furthermore I realized that he was sharing the same “Inspirator” (Maestro Blanche) but he was also displaying a very inspiring philosophie : do it your artistic way, challenge yourself, create. Migs lead me to Inq28 and the dedicated section of the specialist games Ammobunker. There I discovered a great community of misfits sharing the same ideas and approach : PDH, Neil101 (especially their Lost and Damned creations), Jeff Vader, Bruticus, Nordic, Krautscientist and so many great hobbyists that you must visit this site!!! Inq28 seems like my way of perceiving the hobby : small war bands with personality.

On these 3 sites you´ll find a very supportive and dynamic community.

So whenever you´re a player or a hobbyist : get inspired, stand out of the shadows, create something different.

That´s what I´ll try to do here.