We will rot you !


So here is my first Nurgle warrior. I think technically it is truly my first Nurgle mini ever. I used a Khorne SkullReaper body, trimmed its amor of it Khorny details. The head and the mace are from the Putrid Blightkings, the shield is from the Beastmen range. I chipped the armor just a little. This is a big fella but I like my warriors big, Adrian Smith big actually. It´s as big as a Blightking but I wanted to keep it still “healthy” like a pre-Blightking, not too rotten. I´ll go with a pale skin tones to give a feel a pre- degenerescence. The armor has not received any engraved Nurgle symbols showing that he pledged allegiance to its Patron and judging by the state of its armor for quite sometime. Yet he still has to prove himself. Not as a Blightking.

Let me know what you think.

Do not hesitate to mention idea or details that I missed.

So 9 warriors left to go. The question is should I go for something similar or for something completely different in the spirit of Slaves to Darkness.

All ideas are welcome !




3 thoughts on “We will rot you !

  1. I just found this blog, Mustard, and all your conversions are demented and beautiful. I wanted to ask, how do you achieve clean and precise cuts on small plastic components? Keep being awesome.


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