Rollin´, rollin´, rollin´


Following bigbossredskullz advices I succumbed to the Path for Glory. Putting my fate in the Dark Gods, I rolled a random god, a random level of supplicant and a warband.

Here is what I ended up with :


Champion table : 1 chaos lord named Egilax the Necrotic

6 d6 throws later

Retinue follower table :

  • 12 chaos warriors
  • 5 Putrid Blightkings
  • 5 marauder horsemen

Hero follower table : 1 sorcerer

Brayherd follower table : 10 ungors

Warherd follower table : 3 minotaurs

This is actually a pretty good list.

I have most of minis and I was looking for an excuse to buy minotaurs.

My original project before assembling “it” was actually a 40k Nurgle horseman so I already have some ideas.

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