Here It Goes Again


Oh, just when you think you’re in control
Just when you think you’ve got a hold
Just when you get on a roll

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

So…, dear reader, a little bit of explaining why this blog was so quiet.

Why because after my injury and recovery, I recently learned that I was getting a new job in a new part of the old world : London. I will celebrate in October my 10th year abroad but also the 4th country I will be living in since I left France.

On the plus side, apart from air quality, fast and uncontrolled internet, democracy, efficient international post services and so on, I’ll be getting access to more hobby bits and tools than here in China. Yes you might think that everything you buy for the hobby is made in China. It is true but it’s also exported so it’s rather difficult to find here.

I’ll be also getting close to some of my fellow hobbyists so we might have a chance to share a pint. Who knows?

So now that I’m able to sit down again at my work station after my injury, time is slipping again through my fingers.  I’m reluctant to start to build anything knowing how fragile minis are to travel. So I´m just  preparing my bits for traveling.


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