Brother in arms

Being unable to work on anything recently I decided that I should have a guest. Visiting some doctors in order to find a cure I stopped by the one who initiated me to the hobby, my older brother. What comes first the Living Ancestor or the Living Ancestor who initiate him? Or should I say whose the more fool ? The Living Ancestor or the one who follows him? 🙂 In terms of hobby addiction, I´m proud to say that my brother is hopeless. It´s quite a satisfaction knowing that he is the one who offered me my first GW model, a Keeper of Secrets. I will only show a fraction of his current WIPs and only in the GW collection (and contemporary) but be aware that he works in very mysterious ways and different scales. He inherited a part of my collection when I left France, a drop in his ocean of plastic. I guess if we were in the Marvel universe my brother would be “The Collector”. His approach is, in a way, very refreshing to me. He basically buys any models he likes, modify them heavily or slightly, or not. His inspiration is often an illustration from GW background that he decides to translate into plastic trying to be true to GW imagery. I think he gets seduced by the model first while I get interested in the potential of conversion offered by a model to do something new. He´s not a player, at least not anymore but we spent days playing Epic and 40K together. I don´t play anymore either but I´m somehow incapable of approaching a model without thinking of a following Invitational group, warband, army. He thinks groups and armies and build them or just built one model. He is interested in amies I´m not (anymore). Hive guard

“Where is my mind?” :  hive guard with a “shaved” head that make it look like an Alien and a modified carapace.


“Harpy go lucky” : it will receive 4 wings and obviously needs a dentist consultation.



Ork II

“Ork this way” : Spot on conversions from NFL inspired helmet, to the black orc helmet and Jaws (probably from a James Bork movie)


“No, I´m not a kitchen robot. I´m a blender…

Wraigthblade II

… and a juicer. “

We are oldhammerers. We discovered W Fantasy with the Lost and Damned and Realms of Chaos. What I particularly like about it (apart from its legendary illustrations) is the possibility of building a warband mixing anything from knights to thugs or deamons or beastmen and chaos dwarves. At that time, my brother also introduced me to John Boorman´s Excalibur, Conan´s opening scene (the one with barbarian in the snow), Simon Bisley and many others so we both like our chaos warriors big, armored (and hairy?). Chaos Lord_ Chaos Lord II

“I can see Altdorf from my house” : a clever (simple and efficient) conversion of the Champion of Chaos with a Reiksguard helmet

I´m might do a little bit of Fantasy finally. I´m wondering what GW is going to launch soon. I love the idea of a skirmish game with round bases (yes I know. It sounds like Confrontation) mixing races. Well dear reader, if you liked the photo´s of my bro´s minis, let me know in the comments. I think it should be interesting and refreshing to have him here as resident guest and hopefully increase his productivity. I´m sure it should not be too hard to have work on some Inq28 challenge.

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