Come on sucker, lick my battery

“We no longer say “yes”, Instead we say affirmative”  

Flight of the Conchords, The Humans are dead

I must say that I´m quite surprise by the editorial choices of GW these days but it´s a pleasant surprise. My immediate reaction is to rush for commenting it without reading the other comments or blogs so forgive me if this is redondant with other comments.

I wasn´t expecting the martian troops to be like that. I can´t wait to see what other artists are going to make how of it. Since I can start to sit down now I´m going to enjoy watching artists take it to new dimensions.

Of course, as usual, I can´t help to see the potential use of the parts for something else that what they were originally conceived for.

For Inq28 I see potentially some Adeptus Arbites obviously but also the usual retinues. I think the legs separate at the level of the knee. Space pirates maybe ? Definitely Dark Mechanicus, Traitor Guards or mutants…

I see also Eldar exodite walkers or scouts.

What I like the most about this release is how Blanchien it is. It seems to be coming from the Sister of Battle old codex imagery. It really defines an dark grim universe that I´m particularly fond of. It impacts how the rest of “human” troops should look like. It look retro, would work in the 30K universe too. It looks mismatched and junked so well.

I think GW is trying to get close the oldhammerers´ heart which is also the place close to their wallets. Kit are getting nicer and nicer an offer variations

They are tons of bits that can be repurposed. So thumbs up, GW !!

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