7 thoughts on “Lullaby

  1. “The Spider man is having me for dinner tonight!” 😉

    It’s shaping up to be a wonderfully disturbing conversion — I especially love the good use you’ve made of that hideous crypt horror spine! If I have one nitpick, it would be that I would probably have chosen a head that reads more as an actual head — or is that area still WIP?

    Anyway, excellent job so far!

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  2. Hi there. Actually I was going for a feminine head or maybe several. It´s still a wip. Plenty of details to add still. Maybe a better idea for the head will pop up. Like a hooded head or a zombie like head. I like the insect aspect of that arm originally but it´s getting me away from my original idea and sounding less Slaanesh. You´re probably right it looks too mechanical so in a way less disturbing. I think I just found it. Danke shon!!


  3. Glad you like it Legatho. Unfortunately I blocked my back these last days and I couldn´t work on anything today. Hopefully it will pass but the debate is on : “human head” or “ant head”??


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